‘Stork Parking’ Creates Controversy

Wegman's, an upstate New York grocery chain, is the first place I have seen preferred parking for pregnant women.

Wegmans, a grocery chain based on western New York, is the first place I have seen preferred parking for pregnant women.

Many businesses are now offering preferred parking spaces for pregnant women. These spaces are typically located closer to the store entrance, just beyond the handicapped parking, and are marked with signs that say “Expectant Mother Parking” or “Reserved for Expectant Mothers.”

While this seems like a nice way to demonstrate a  business’ commitment to helping women, it has actually stirred up a lot of controversy across the Web. Bloggers are ranting about how much they hate these spots. Needless to say, many of these bloggers are men or women who have never had children. I, myself, have never been pregnant but I can only imagine the struggles an expectant mother goes through, especially single mothers who are expecting.

My suggestion to those of you who may be bothered by this preferred parking is to suck it up. There is nothing wrong with walking an extra 30 feet. If anything, it will probably do most people some good. If for whatever reason you are unable to walk the extra 30 feet with ease, then you probably are in need of a handicapped parking pass. Or, perhaps, it is because you have an extra 60 pounds of baby protruding out of your abdomen.

If you own a business and would like to consider reserved parking spots, you can purchase pre-made or customized signs from MyParkingSign.com.


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